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Newman: How you doing ole man? Staying safe these crazy days? Hope you've had a chance to check out Icon's game, if you have let me know what you think. I don't get a chance to game much anymore. I've been busy pranking the neighbors when not working. May 7, 2020 17:29:07 GMT -5 *
Itchy: Hey all just wanted to check in and see how everybody was holding up with the Pandemic on hand! May 12, 2020 18:54:22 GMT -5
Newman: Hi Itchy, all is well so far. Our state is starting to reopen finally. Hope all is well with you and the family. May 14, 2020 16:41:21 GMT -5
Enema: May 16, 2020 10:37:14 GMT -5
Newman: You mock me with that miner trash! May 16, 2020 15:41:14 GMT -5
Enema: May 19, 2020 16:02:46 GMT -5
Itchy: All is good cant complain. We had an outbreak at work back in February with people getting sick. Tested the other day for Antibodies and It came back positive so looks like I had it back in Feb. May 22, 2020 21:13:42 GMT -5
JabberWocky: Yo Jul 12, 2020 9:28:36 GMT -5
JabberWocky: What's up peoples, hope everyone is doing well! Found my old backup cd and went through some nostalgic screenshots....I'll throw some up here when I get a chance, I feel so oldddddd Jul 12, 2020 9:32:31 GMT -5
Newman: Hey Jabs, look forward to the screenies! Jul 12, 2020 21:06:35 GMT -5
JabberWocky: Santa Lobe.....quite possibly the best thing ever, I don't remember who that was or what he did but I'm guessing it was probably Newman.... Jul 19, 2020 9:49:57 GMT -5
Newman: I can't remember if Santa Lobe was Grayson, Enema, Me or the real Lobe. By the screenie looks like real Lobe. Jul 19, 2020 15:10:32 GMT -5
Newman: Check out Icon's new game if you have time Jabs. I've heard good things. Jul 19, 2020 15:11:31 GMT -5
JabberWocky: What game is this? Jul 24, 2020 10:34:01 GMT -5
Newman: It's called Elements of Darkness and you can find the link below: Jul 24, 2020 14:51:47 GMT -5
shrek: Hey all. Hope everyone is doing well. Miss you guys a shitton! Stay safe and anyone who wants to chat hit me up whenever. Would love to catch up with all of you! Aug 2, 2020 14:37:49 GMT -5
JabberWocky: Let's craft some shit!! Who needs some Carhartt's T6/6?? Aug 22, 2020 20:24:31 GMT -5
Gbulldog: Hope everyone is well :) So many years and I still randomly google search hoping to find something lol Aug 23, 2020 21:14:12 GMT -5
Newman: Sorry, I am busy Herbalizing. But if you don't mind, craft me up a Norium Miner axe for Boone's head. Aug 24, 2020 19:36:34 GMT -5
Grayson: Hello everyone everything is crazy in the world right now and I wish I could escape into the world of Vormis with ya'll. I miss everything. Aug 29, 2020 2:22:06 GMT -5
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